Congrats on your bundle of joy, momma!!  Our goal is to provide you with memories & keepsakes that will last a lifetime!


My Baby You'll Be has been serving the tri-state for over 4 years & is the only elective 4d facility in Barboursville with registered sonographers on staff! Schooling, combined with years of experience makes us your go-to place for detailed 4d ultrasounds and accurate gender determinations.  We're also the perfect location for gender reveal parties & baby showers! {Each of these include an ultrasound for your friends and family to enjoy}


DIRECTIONS// When coming from I64, take exit 20 & turn left.  Turn left again onto Route 60, then a final left into Eastgate plaza {between Outback and Steak & Shake}



(304) 617-8079



M, T, Th, F  11a-7p
W, Sat   9a-5p



3677 US Rt 60 E, Suite 11 Barboursville, WV 25504



What is the difference between 3D & 4D?


Why do you recommend waiting so long to have the 3D/4D done?

3D is the still image that you see frozen on the screen or printed for you.  The 4D adds a dimension of motion, so you can see movement (yawning, smiling, ect) and is mostly what you will see on the monitor during your 3d/4d ultrasound, as well as the DVD.
Since there isn't a lot of fat on he/she until 26+ weeks, the baby will look a little 'skeleton-like' still & not like a cute, squishy baby.  We do try to turn it on for a few pictures (if he/she is laying in the right direction) during the gender determination, so you can see what he/she looks like, but do not recommend getting the full scan until later on.

Is it safe to get an elective ultrasound?


How many people can I bring with me?

When getting an ultrasound from My Baby You'll Be, you will ALWAYS be scanned by a registered sonographer that has had the proper training on the ALARA principle, frequency recommendations & maximum scan time.  Over 35 years of testing and following the PROPER use of ultrasound has shown zero side effects. We strictly adhere to the ARDMS & FDA's standards. Most elective ultrasound facilities do not require their employees to haveschooling or registries that teach these important standards, so it is always a good idea to investigate where you are going.
You are welcome to bring as many people & children as you'd like!  Our scanning room holds around 15-20 people and we can even turn the monitor on in the waiting room, if there are some that would like to watch from there.

Do I need a full bladder?


What should I do to get the best pictures possible?


Do you accept insurance?


Do you offer gift cards?

For the 1st trimester scans: yes, you will need to drink around 32 ounces, 45 minutes before your appointment.  For anyone after 14 weeks: no, we can see everything we need to without a full bladder.
Unfortunately there isn't a guarantee that the baby will cooperate, but there are a few things that seem to help. Try to NOT have a heavy meal 2-3 hours before your appointment, and only have a light sugary snack/drink about 30 minutes beforehand to get the baby awake and moving. Also, the more water you have in the days leading up to your appointment, the clearer the images will be.
Since this is an elective scan, not ordered directly from your physician, insurance will not cover the cost. We accept cash & debit/credit card. 
Definitely! Ultrasound gift cards make great gifts!!  You can purchase by stopping by the store or by paying through PayPal, then we will mail you the gift card. 
{Link: paypal.me/mybabyyoullbe4d }