What is the difference between 3D & 4D?

3D is the still image that you see frozen on the screen or printed for you.  The 4D adds a dimension of motion, so you can see movement (yawning, smiling, ect) and is mostly what you will see on the monitor during your 3d/4d ultrasound, as well as the DVD.

Is it safe to get an elective ultrasound?

When getting an ultrasound from My Baby You'll Be, you will ALWAYS be scanned by a registered sonographer that has had the proper training on the ALARA principle, frequency recommendations & maximum scan time.  Over 35 years of testing and following the PROPER use of ultrasound has shown zero side effects. We strictly adhere to the ARDMS & FDA's standards. Most elective ultrasound facilities do not require their employees to have had schooling or registries that teach these important standards, so it is always a good idea to investigate where you are going.


Do I need a full bladder?

When you are 14 weeks and over, you do not need a full bladder for our services.